Medium Day: Stuff Writers Write That Makes Editors (and Readers) Cringe

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Sandra Wendel
2 min readAug 9, 2023


Author’s book cover, Write On, Inc.

[To see this presentation, here is the YouTube link.]

Is your writing filled with clichés? Are you making amateur errors (and don’t even know it)? Want to level up your writing?

We editors are not the grammar police, but we sure can help you polish your writing. Readers are not forgiving. Do typos make you wince? Is poor grammar and spelling a roadblock to the author’s credibility?

Heck yes.

Join me on Medium Day, August 12. That’s a Saturday, at 3:30 central daylight time for a fast-paced, lively discussion without a fancy PowerPoint or slides.

Here’s the outline, subject to change and my nervousness and your input:

· Why you can’t use song lyrics, not even one line.

· How to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in your writing.

· Clichés. Slang. Emoji. LOL. Forget it.

· Why sources matter and why we never cite Wikipedia.

· When to use italics and when not to.



Sandra Wendel

A picky nonfiction editor who helps authors write, polish, and publish their books. Author: Cover to Cover: What First-Time Authors Need to Know about Editing.