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“I found a problem,” the author called to tell me, his editor.

“Oh, crap,” I reply. This is not the discussion I want to have with any author.

Here’s the evolution of an editing error. I had worked closely with Mark Langan on his book More Busting Bad Guys —…

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First-time, and even veteran writers, go down rabbit holes with their writing, and sometimes it’s the editor who helps dig them out of those traps.

As a veteran (or should I say seasoned) nonfiction book editor, I’ve seen it all. Many times. …

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You’re ready to write your book, but you need to pull in some expertise — or even a ghostwriter. Collaborating on the writing of a book can take many forms. I’ll discuss the most common:


When two or more people collaborate to write a book, they are each considered…

Pick up the phone and talk to someone you are going to entrust your precious manuscript to. Editing is an intimate process. You want to feel comfortable with the editor. Consider it like a speed date.

My colleague Lisa Pelto of Concierge Publishing Services said, “When we edit, it’s like…

A Cute Story about Why Word Choice Makes a Difference in Your Writing

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Well, that dinosaur thing is the logic of a new first-grader, my granddaughter, Mila. Here’s how we got to that conclusion.

Her eight-year-old brother, Max (now in third grade), and I were discussing why their new puppy…

Sometimes just being there is enough

When you’re looking for answers at the end of life. (Image from Unsplash.)

I had been dozing in a chair next to the couch where my sister was dying, at home, surrounded by her dogs. Five tiny Chihuahuas were curled up with her, around her legs and on her shoulder. She hadn’t spoken for several hours now. It was day four.

She was…

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Forget red pencils and handwritten marginal notes. We editors are not your high school English teacher. We’re the unsung heroes who save you from making embarrassing mistakes in print.

For the past two decades, I have been the sole proprietor of my own editorial services company called Write On, Inc

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Your kid’s artwork on the refrigerator. Your daughter’s ballet recital. Your grandson’s trombone solo. Amazing, right?

And you are objective how?

The same principles apply to your book manuscript. Of course, your spouse or partner will love the work. Your mother-in-law might be a little more critical. …

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How often have you heard a speaker in a large venue (okay, not during the plague year, I get that) and then stood in line to buy the speaker’s best-selling book in the back of the room? More often than your credit card wants to remember, right?

But what was…

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“I just want to know if my writing is any good,” my authors often say. I am a nonfiction book editor.

Aha. The fear factor.

Author Anne Lamott and others give you permission to write a shitty (her word) first draft. So do it. You don’t have to show it…

Sandra Wendel

A picky nonfiction editor who helps authors write, polish, and publish their books. Author: Cover to Cover: What First-Time Authors Need to Know about Editing.

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