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In an earlier, popular post, I discussed how first-time and even veteran writers go down rabbit holes with their writing, and sometimes it’s the editor (like me) who helps dig them out of those traps.

I have more examples.

Unmask the Oxygen Mask Story

As if we didn’t have enough on our minds when we…

McDonald’s window sign, photo by the author

Let’s talk about those typos. The internet is filled with examples, but you only need to look, well, anywhere. Everywhere. Please post some of your favorites in the comments so we can all enjoy them.

Although no one wants to die of a typo, imagine a sloppy physician writing the…

If you insist on documenting every research study or (someone else’s) idea, or filling in history in your memoir, or giving credit to every psychologist who has ever studied human behavior, and if you insist on inserting footnotes with superscripts in your narrative and thereby creating bottom-of-page footnotes in teeny…

© Write On Inc., by Addasta on Fiverr

You’re ready to write your book, but you need to pull in some expertise — or even a ghostwriter. Collaborating on the writing of a book can take many forms. I’ll discuss the most common:


When two or more people collaborate to write a book, they are each considered…

Sandra Wendel

A picky nonfiction editor who helps authors write, polish, and publish their books. Author: Cover to Cover: What First-Time Authors Need to Know about Editing.

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